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hey everyone im new to the forum !

i ordered my starter kit about 2 weeks ago it should be here any day now ! :dance:

im hoping this is the answer to my problems, ive tried EVERYTHING on the market, i mean EVERYTHING :confused:

my acne is only mild to moderate, but im never clear theres always something, this brings down my self esteem bigtime, im sure most on this forum have had issues with this same problem, i just met someone really special and with low self esteem this is gonna be hard :(:boohoo:

any helpful tips or pieces of advice for me? im planning on following the regimen as per the videos, what is this AHA i have seen people on here talk of, from what ive read it does good

thanks guys hope to hear some feedback :D

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AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which can be a really nice addition after you've been on The Regimen for a while. You can start to think about adding it in after you've been on The Regimen for at least a month, although I generally suggest waiting until you're sure your skin is totally adjusted to the full dose of BP.

Also, please read through the What To Expect page, and keep in mind that The Regimen isn't a quick fix. It can take a few months for your skin to start getting significantly clearer, and for most people, there's a phase at the beginning where your skin will be dry, red, and flaky, and that can be kind of hard to go through. Just keep your chin up, though, and press on. It's totally worth it. : )

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thanks for the quick reply

i understand it can be a long process, and as for my skin going dry and flaky, even red.

that i can deal with, as i am right now :(

at this current moment im using something called panoxyl with 4% benzoyl peroxide and it irritates my skin bigtime, this 2.5% gel sounds alot better, better said the whole regimen sounds like something definately worth a try :)

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The Regimen is great..just remember to start slow with the BP..1/2 a pump for a week..1 pump the next week..1 1/2 the next and so on. Doesnt have to be a week lol..jus make sure your skin doesnt get irritated. Aslong as u follow Dan's instructions exact, youll be fine. If u havent seen the videos on how to do the regimen, make sure u watch them (it helped me out wen i first started).

as far as the cleanser and moisturizer, i can get away with just 1 pump on both products..its all up to you though. If u notice your skin still gets flakey even after you moisturize, the jojoba oil works great (i jus got mines a week or 2 ago and luv it). Be patient..and make sure you dont slack on the regimen lol..2 times a day..atleast 8-12 hours apart.

Good Luck...im sure youll be clear in no time :dance:

let us kno how it goes.

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