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Differen gel before accutane prevent IB?

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Im new here & I am currently in my 7th week of using differen gel 0.1% at night combined with ethromycin 400mg twice daily and 10% BP in the mornings.

It is having a bit of an affect but im not completely clear and my doctor has said that accutane may be needed.

I got an IB from being on the differen, however if my doctor thinks i will need acctuane because i havent cleared that well, will i avoid the IB from the accutane because i have been on differin for 7 weeks and already had an IB from it?

I just figured Differin is a retinoid type treatment like accutane, so they may work in similar ways and hoped i might avoid the IB from accutane should i need it...

Has anyone been on differin right up until they took accutane and still got an IB from the accutane?


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I have been on Differin (both .1% and .3%) and Ziana as well. I was told that I would have an IB with each of them, but I never experienced one. I am about to complete my first month of accutane and my face is almost completely clear and I experienced a very minimal IB luckily. I am 150lbs taking 40mg per day.

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