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My face has been clearing up a lot, and Ive been working out a bunch as well. So long story short, my friend and I go to a bar last night we've never been to before and its pretty crowded. I was feelin pretty confident so I decided to approach two strangers who also happened to be the best looking girls not just at the place, but probably in town. Now to be fair, Ive read Mystery Method ..but I know for some of us in the acne community, this would normally be a nightmare because we're visualizing an unspoken "ewwwww" the second they see our face. Well not tonight, our two groups of two became a group of four and I felt so pimp. And what night wouldn't be complete without the digits :P I hate hate hate to say it, but without acne, you will in fact be more social, have more fun, and in turn make new friends.

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Who says you can't do it with acne too? ;) I've said before on here that I had acne through high school and college, but I still made plenty of friends, dated quite a few people, and got hit on by guys at bars. And yes, I know someone will point out that I'm a girl and I wear makeup, but trust me, makeup's not THAT amazing. It just takes putting yourself out there with some confidence! Confidence is very attractive to the opposite sex, as you've proved. :D

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Awesome to hear.

Digits are always good :)

Congratulations, keep us informed about the 2 prettiest girls in town and if you become the best looking couple in town.

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