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I just orded AHA.....when do i use this?

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Okay, I have used the Cleanser, BP, moisterizer .....

I've ordered my second batch of the ^above....and also added AHA.

I heard I'm suppose to use AHA as a "body treatment"?

Can i use AHA for the face?

Why don't i use BP for the body? Before i found acne.org, my doctor told me to use BP for my body acne.

I don' have SEVERE acne. I have light acne.

thanks :dance:

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Where do you normally experience acne/where are you treating with BP? How long have you been on The Regimen?

If you've been on The Regimen for more than a month, you can use the AHA in place of your moisturizer either in the morning or at night, but not both, as AHA is pretty strong stuff and that would be overkill. You can also use AHA as a spot treatment by just dabbing a little on top of your blemishes. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen for at least a week after you use AHA.

If you've been on The Regimen for less than a month, wait until you've been on The Regimen for at least a month to add the AHA in, and then follow the directions above.

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i use the cleanser, BP, Moisterizer regimen on my face only for over a month.

Now I'm starting to learn more about taking care of light nodules on my chest, and some spots on my back. There are also two nodules on the throat area that just appeared recently.

According to the directions, AHA was only used for the Body treatments and not the face.

What kind of sunscreen would be allowed ? I do not know what the difference is between sunscreen or sunblock.

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Read the AHA FAQs. They should answer some of your questions.

Dan has also done several videos where he's talked about AHA, which can be found here: http://www.acne.org/blog/category/daniel-k...a-hydroxy-acid/

It's totally fine to use AHA on your face. People use it on their bodies as well, but it's not specifically designed to be used on one or the other.

And a lot of people seem to like Olay Complete for sensitive skin, which is SPF 15.

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