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the perfect combination to completely cure acne!

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Hi, this is my first post ever but I really wanted to share with everyone how I completely got rid of my acne since for the first time in forever I am thrilled with the condition of my skin. Maybe it will do the same for you! For starters I have been to about ten different dermatologist in my life time. I have tried almost every medication on this website and almost every face wash and lotion on here as well. I've done the apple cider vinegar drink...even gone as far as urine therapy which is SO gross. My acne really wasn't that bad but it was painful and stubborn. Anything I did that improved my skin was only temporary and it still felt as if i had clogged pores underneath my skin. My skin is combination dry and oily. It's weird cause even with dry cracked skin it looks like I washed my face with grease.

Anyways, birth control pills did nothing for me until I found Diane 35. I hated it at first. I had the worst break out ever and it lasted for almost 3 months. My skin seemed oiler, I constantly had my period, I got fat, the cysts were so painful and all around my chin. I didn't give up only because I bought a 6 month supply. After 4 months almost all my acne was gone except for an occasional pimple. My skin was never oily anymore. it was such an amazing and noticble difference. I got so many compliments on my skin!

Eventually, I wanted even less oily skin and I wanted to get rid of the occasional (yet rare) pimples. I also felt bloated on the diane and that bothered me. So I took 100mg of spirolactone...after two months I lost all the weight I gained from diane effortlessly (10 pounds). I got more curves, a smaller stomach, bigger boobs. My skin got even better with less oil!

I went back to my dermatologist to do something about my pores and he perscribed me differin. That took awhile to work to but fortunately for me (probably because of he two other medications). It made my skin feel nicer and I did notice smaller pores!

Around my period (a week before & during) I take doxycyclin so I don't even get small pimples then.

This literally has helped me so much! Hopefully it can help you too. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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