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okay so let me tell you how it started

i used tazorac for a year and i got clear but then my skin started thinnin and i would get these bumps where it looks like my skin got a flesh looking bump

and so what i would do to heal it is that i would put moisturizer and cocoa butter and in uhm a week or two it would heal and turn into a blemish (dark spot)

so then uhm i lowered my consentration tried diferent ones like diferin,retin a

but i would once in a while it would appear again the inflamed bump if not it would be a red itchie patch on my skin and i would have to run and put lotion on

so uhm as of now i stoped all retinol stuff and just wash my face with cetaphil

but the problem is

is why in the hell do i get theese flesh bumps

i have to be extremely carefull with my skin i cant rub my skin cause ill get a red patch

i cant wash with hot water cause ill get really red and iritated

i cant scratch my skin

cause i damage my skin and get theese bumps

or simply just sleeping i just wake up with the flesh bumps im thinking

or simply just washing my face

so last night i scartched the hell out of my skin and i got theese bumps

and im just sick of it

i think i might have developed some kind of skin condition but dont know

and the suckie part is by the time i go to see my doctor or derm the skin will eventually heal and theyr gonna say i dont see anything

but the problem is is that it tends to reapear

so heres the pic (sorry i dont have a verry good pic i took it with my cell phone, oh and by the way the yellow gunk its just cocoa butter


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Are they just lumps, or do they seem to have pus inside? They kind of look like nodules to me.

Why don't you set up an appointment with your doctor or derm, and just take a bunch of pictures while you have these bumps so that even if they clear up, you can show your doctor/derm what you're dealing with?

Also, I've moved this thread to the Severe Acne board.

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theyr just lumps no puss inside its like a hive

my skin has become easily irritated and sensitive weather also affects me

water,rubbing,scratching,putting any creams on my skin,makeup etc.....

so when my skin gets iritated in whatever way i get this flesh bump the skin is missing an oter layer and it looks like a hyve

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i dont use any of that stuff anymore because my skin just peels rapidly on its own

it gets iritated easily

even when i sleep i just wakeup with them what i believe is that my skin just gets iritated easily and so my skin just gets this reaction

its like my skin got inflamed and the skin is just having a bad reaction

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