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Exercise & The Regimen

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Hi all,

I thought I'd start a new topic about exercising while you're on the regimen. Usually I wake up, eat breakfast and head out to the gym. I don't wash my face or apply BP/moisturizer for the day until after I exercise because I sweat so much. Lately I've been wondering if this isn't the best route. There is no way I could wash first, exercise and then wait it out the rest of the day until night to wash again. So my question is:

What do you think about:

-Washing my face with a gentle cleanser



-Coming home to shower and then running through the regimen (Wash, BP, Moisturize)

Anyone have an order that works for them?

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I take a shower in the morning, do my morning regimen, then hit the gym at my work lunchbreak.

What I do is I have a towel with me that I dab my sweat with (gently) while I'm doing cardio. I also make sure that I take advantage of the antibacterial gel stations around our gym everytime I finish with an elliptical or weight machine so my hands are kept clean, and no germs transfer to my towel when I hold it. When I do stretches on the mat I hang my towel up on a railing instead of letting it sit on the mat with me.

Then after the gym I just wash my face with cleanser and then reapply moisturizer with SPF. I don't use BP or AHA+ during the day at all as you can see in my regimen. I resume my nightly regimen when I get home before bed.

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Actually, km123, what you're doing is exactly what's recommended for people on The Regimen.

From the FAQs:

Q: I exercise during the day and sweat. Should I wash afterward? And what's up with the white residue on my face when I exercise?

A: Sebaceous glands (where acne is formed) and sweat glands are separate parts of your skin which do not touch. Sweating should theoretically not affect acne since acne is formed in the sebaceous follicle, and sweat will not enter this area. Sweating does not warrant a third washing. If you want to wash after a workout, try to plan your workout before your morning or evening regimen.

You may notice that if you sweat within a few hours after you do the Regimen that your face can turn milky white in the places where you did the Regimen. This is normal, but annoying and is mostly caused by using a cream based benzoyl peroxide. Either switch to a gel based benzoyl peroxide, or feel free to lightly dab your face with a towel to get rid of the residue.

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Do any of you experience more dryness from the BP after working out? For me, it seems like when I workout and sweat a lot to the point where it's pouring down my face I experience a lot more dryness and flakes in spite of not modifying the daily regimen at all. Maybe I just need to use more moisturizer on days I workout. Thoughts?

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Oh yeah, my face gets dry after exercising. I just shower after exercise to get all the gunk off and apply BP and lots of moisturizer then...

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