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okay, well i'm very new to the site here, and i'm also very interested in trying Dan's regimen. my acne condition has worsed ALOT over the past few months. (just in time for summer, of course!) and it's caused me alot of emotional stress. i shy away from going out unless i have to, and i'm starting to feel more and more depressed. i am, by nature, a normally very happy person but my appearance has definitley taken a toll on that. about a month ago i went to Ulta and bought the DDF sulfur therapeutic mask, which had very good reviews. it worked well at first, but it was very temporary. i am now almost out of it and it has left my skin verrrrrrrrrrrrry dry. very very very very dry. to the point of flaking and peeling. and the acne is STILL there! i'm going insane. i currently have a few under-the-skin pimples on my forehead, accompanied by peeling skin, peeling skin along my hairline, and very dry and red skin on the sides of my nose. (keeping in mind much of my original acne has not subsided very much) AH I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! does anyone here think Dan's regimen will work for me? i'm just running out of hope. thank you.

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I know how you feel. I'm feeling quite down myself too. I do think that stressing out could be making it worse. Are you using a moisturizer? I too had very dry skin when trying BP but my skin adjusted to it. Maybe you should try washing your face less often or try a daily moisturizer. I think that your face is just irritated causing the skin to be more aggravated. Sorry I wasnt of much help but I do hope that things get better for you =) Keep your head up!

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I agree with what the previous poster said. A moisturizer is imperative to a good skin care regime. Sulfur is very harsh...I would look into using that mask maybe once a week, at most!

If you do use Dan's Regime, please follow the instructions. BP can be extremely irritating for some.

Above all, just make little changes in your regime and I'm sure you'll figure out what does and does not work for you.

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