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** First Time Taking Vitamins! Advice Needed :) **

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Hello everybody,

I believe that simply taking vitamins daily will help keep me clear. I am normally 100% clear, but often times (like last night) I will break out and get like 3 pimples in various areas on my face. I want to put an end to that and begin to build a better complexion and tone. Based on my research from posts around here, I have come up with the following daily vitamins:

Zinc (50 mg)

Flaxseed Oil w/ omega 3,6,9 (1000 mg)

Vitamin C (500 mg)

Vitamin D3 (1000 IU)

Basically, I want to know:

1. Is this a good way to start?

2. Will any of these CAUSE me to breakout?

3. What other vitamins do you suggest? (I also have B-complex vitamins but am not sure if that is the same as B5).

4. What about Vitamin E? (Should I include that as well?)

Thanks in advance,

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This is a good start. None of those should break you out.

I would switch out the flaxseed oil for fish oil. In my opinion, fish oil is better. I would also take more than just 1000mg of EPA/DHA maybe closer to 2g.

If you take flaxseed/fish oil, then you need to supplement with Vitamin E. But don't take just any Vitamin E. You need a full spectrum Vitamin E that covers all 8 members of the E family. I would recommend Jarrow Family-E. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/66707 It is very expensive but taking just 1 of the types of Vitamin E for a long time period can be very, very dangerous.

Definitely take Zinc. I would recommend taking the Opti-Zinc (Zinc Methionine) form of Zinc as it is best absorbed.

Definitely take Vitamin D3. Make sure it is D3. I take about 6000IU of D3 a day but don't get much sun or eat much dairy.

Vitamin C is good. I try to take closer to 2g a day but don't always get it.

B5 is usually in a B-Complex. If you are going to take one (I do and would recommend it), then get a good brand like Jarrow B-Right http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/63439 which uses good forms of the vitamins. It also doesn't have that normal bad B-Complex taste.

Country Life - Coenzyme B-Complex is also a good brand. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/item/itemKey/58783

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