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Alcohol + other questions on Accutane

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Hi all,

After going from topical antibiotics to differin to minocycline to benzoic acid and then a million combinations of these, ending with minocycline twice a day in combination with differin at night and benzoic acid in the morning, I wanted to take my treatment to the next step.

So, I just started roaccutane 2 days ago for my mild/moderate facial acne. (20mg a day, and im ~85kgs[187 pounds], so a fairly low dose I think?) Haven't really experienced many changes, (it is only the first two days) except possibly blurred/tired eyes (is this a symptom of dry eyes?).

I'm particularly worried about getting an IB during a student convention in about 10 days. So, how long does it take for an IB to usually appear? Is there anything I can do to help reduce the chances of getting it and make myself look half-decent just for that week? Also, I will probably be drinking a bit during this convention, is there any things I can do (like foods that are good for the liver etc?) to help protect it before or during?

Thanks so much for any help

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IB is controversial. I never got one. In the beginning my skin got better (for the first 4-5 weeks) and after that I had two months of constant breakouts. To some people it might have been one hell of a breakout and then nothing. Others did not even get that breakout. Others got constant breakouts for 1, 2, 3, etc. months. How your skins responds is something that you can't predict because everyone has different skin. As for the breakouts if they happen... best thing is to man up and not do anything about them. Just wash your face with a supergentle cleanser twice a day and use lots of moisturizer.

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