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Editing your Acne in a picture...

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Hello, my name is Trewqp. And im a junior photographer who has been trying to help myself and other friends to help with their acne by when they take a photo, being able to edit the photos and eliminate acne.

Their are some problems though...

1) Finding the way to do this, im a photogrpaher and not a computer wiz and dont know what programs to look at it.

2) when you eliminate the acne form your face in the photo, im not sure how you can... lets say replace a more natrual skin tone to your face.

So, if you have any help, any tips or good programs to use, espically if their FREE. or maybe you want to see if you could help out your fellow Acne.org members.

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Try Adobe Photoshop >> Spot Healing Brush Tool (the icon looks like a little band-aid).

I've used it to touch up pictures for my friends.

Also, I've moved this to the Emotional & Psychological Effects of acne, since it's kind of about how acne in photos makes people feel about themselves.

In the future, if you have a question that's not acne- or treatment-related, please hold off on posting it until you reach Veteran Member status, and then you can post it in The Lounge.

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Ok sorry about that. Seems im always messing up things :confused:

But yes, im still looking into this topic and have tried adobe photoshop, while it is nice, i am still wanting to hear more options.

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