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urgent question about spiro

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hey all, i hope someone can help me before monday, i have a doctor's appointment and i'm planning on asking for a spiro script. i have a few questions:

1)why do so many start at a certain dose and go up, can i just start at 100mg?

2)does it help all types of acne i get pimples, blackheads and nodules (gross i know)

3)anybody have experience taking it with diane 35?

4)does it both heal the acne you have and prevent new acne or only prevent?


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I can help with #1 at least. They usually start you out slow to see how you are going to react to the meds and give your body time to adjust. That's what our derm did. Just Yasmin the first month, added 25 mgs. of spiro the 2nd and 25 mgs. more the third.

I would say for #2, that yes, everything goes away. Spiro blocks the testosterones effect on the skin. So whatever havoc is being wreaked because of that effect goes away. There is less stuff on the skin for the bacteria to work on so it just kind of calms. Well that's the theory anyway. Does not seem to work for every person.

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I agree with #1 and #2 ^

#3 ... I am interested to see if anyone answers this one because i am going to start this spiro+diane thing too and im just curious as to other ppls results.

#4 I would suspect that nothing can really "heal" the spots u have right now. But that u will have to wait for the large pimples to go away normally, and for the clogged pores/blackheads to go away as you wash them. All in all, I think spiro does a good job of stopping oil production and preventing new clogged pores.

Hope this helps :)

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#1 - My endocrinologist had me start at 200 mg. For the first month, I felt horrible- faint, dizzy, nauseas. I gave up and stopped cold turkey. Then, a couple months later, I decided to give it another try. This time, I started at 25 mg. I had the same exact side effects (and the same level of severity) as I did when I started on 200 mg. I eventually bumped myself up to 200 mg, and after a month or two, the side effects vanished. I would talk with your doctor about this, but just thought I would post my personal experience.

#4 - Spiro will not heal the acne you have now. In fact, it probably won't do anything until about 5 months in. If you need a quick fix, I would definitely ask for an antibiotic. I liked Minocycline the best.

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