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Hormone treatments for men?

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Are hormone treatments only available as acne treatment for women? I always hear about "hormone treatments" but never heard them specifically mention they are for women only. Is this just assumed? Because everything I read here is about birth control.

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There are Aromatase Inhibitors like Arimidex , that surpress estrogen in various amounts..Tamoxifen only block the enzyme and simulates estrogen...

lower estrogen , means more free testosterone - u could try taking 0,5mg arimidex every 3 days, which would surpress estrogen about 40-50% , so u would still have enough, if ur estrogen is too low u will quickly experience erectyle disfuntion,lethargy,joint pain...

u could control ur hormone levels with exogenous testosterone injections and a arimidex dose based on ur bloodwork...but that takes time and is for life -> Look up HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

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Yea as a men spriro wouldn't be such a good idea...^^

tamoxifen on the other hand is used a lot as a post cycle therapy in bodybuiling to get the testicles to produce Testosterone again, when u did a cycle of exogenous testosterone..

i'll do an experiment with arimidex in a few days, too see if my acne is due to an imbalance of estrogen to testosterone..

i'll start with 0,5mg every 3 days...ill keep posted,if it helps :)

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Spironolactone is fine for men. Side effects are possible just as with any other medication or supplement or treatment.

Spiro is first and foremost a blood pressure med. Of course millions of men take it just for that...without significant feminization if any.

Talk to your derm/gp.

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