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Omg, this is getting to be a headache for me.

MY SKIN IS HORRIBLE. I was looking at the Lactic Acid and Glycoliic Acid on MUAC, and I'm not sure which will give me the results I need in the time frame I am working on. My birthday is July 12th, I would like to make it by the 11th, but can wait until the 18th for at least a 50% improvement. I have EVERY problem there is with facial skin

- Under-skin bumps

- Hyperpigmentation, brown marks

- Scars; like small pits in my skin, very tiny and shallow, but there are many. Over my forehead and cheeks.

- Clogged and large pores. Large pores on cheeks, and clogged on nose (blackheads) and chin.

- Acne; this has slowed down A LOT. I used to have cysts, but now it's just the whiteheads. They do become inflamed and can be red for days on end.

- Red marks

I have stopped a lot of my dairy/meat/poultry intake, and try to eat fish/veggies/fruits/herbs daily (ginger, lemon, green tea, garlic), and I take a multivitamin. Water, juices, and my "treats" here and there. And Aveeno moisturizer.

What would you guys suggest I try from MUAC? I don't think I'll do the TCA at all. I know I will also purchase the Green Tea soap and the Aloe and Lavender gel. Maybe an astringent or toner. I'm not sure which one though....

Info on me: 21 Black female, fair complexion (think yellowy rather than tan; Charlie Baltimore, Rihanna. Very fair, light skinned); combo skin (oily in T-Zone, but not overly), sensitive skin. I turn red from Benzoyl Peroxide for the first 2-3 days and then I'm ok. Sea Breeze breaks me out though - too drying I guess? I don't know. I am a type IV (4) according to this

Sorry for the long message!

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