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Beard Area Acne

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Hi i'm new,

Have had a look around these forums a couple of times and decided it was time to sign up. I have mild acne on my face but only in the beard area (low cheeks, jawline, neck) and also very mild acne on my chest and back of neck. Besides the ocasional spot, I have no other acne on my face. Most of my spots seem to be around hairs and related to shaving somehow. I also have frequent ingrown hairs. Basically the last year and a half (I am now nearly 22) I have had red spots in the area I mentioned and it is destroying me mentally. I was so confident and carefree before the problem appeared and now I am pretty reclusive. I know people have it much worse but I am looking for some advice.

I've been using Duac Cream for a year and also had a dose of one type of antibiotic (the name escapes me). The Duac seems to help, but not much.

Any advice would be great or hearing from anyone with similar problems.

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Hi, i'm nearly 22 and I used to get alot of my spots from shaving incorrectly. I was shaving against the grain of the hair, and never using a clean / sharp razer, not splashing my face with cold water to close pores, and I wasn't using a good oil free moisturizer, infact I was spraying aftershave onto my face!!!

Since i've started doing all that correctly the number of spots i've been getting has gone down 60%. However, I get the occasional spot on my upper lip where hair is still growing, and just underneath either side of my mouth where I still havn't grown hair through.

I do hope it will go away once the hair has grown through properly, but until them i'm trying to stop it as much as possible. Even resorted to using mineral makeup concealer as i'm so self conscious it's unreal.

Just like you it's been a crushing blow to my confidence. I've tried Antibiotics which worked amazingly, but spots came back after 6 months.

I think we're both just "late bloomers" and it should go away in time... Hopefully.

(Btw, i'm new today too :))

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It might be a reaction to a badly-formulated shaving cream, try a frangrance-free sensitive skin shaving cream, like Aveeno or Every Man JackShave Gel.

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I'm no expert but here's my opinions/tips!

I'm 27, so maybe my skin/beard might be a little different to yours. But i try to shave every other day, if i shaved daily i think my skin would be too sensitive. I have found that if i leave my beard for a few days, i get odd spots on my neck and jawline area (not sure why) so for me every other day works best. Sometimes if i have got odd spots under beard its tempting to leave the beard to hide the spots, but i try to keep my routine as much as poss!

A few other tips i've picked up:

I always shave in the evening/night

Alway use hot water to open pores at beginning & cold water at end to close pores. I either boil a kettle or shave in the shower

Use a sharp blade

I use long single stokes and rince razor in the hot water after each stoke

Hope some of this helps!

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