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Quick Help...Sunless Tanning?

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So In less than a week I'll be going to the beach for a week with friends. I've been on accutane for 2 full months, appointment on Wednesday. I haven't seen much of an improvement, which I was hoping I would have by now. Things seemed to get much worse, and are about where I started now although my skin is noticeably better, just not noticeably clearer. I have very little active body acne though, mostly all leftover marks.

So my question is, would a sunless tanner, like a foam or lotion of some sort be any use in camouflaging the acne marks I have? If so, does anyone have an recommendations? It is absolutely necessary that it won't make me break out even more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! This is the difference between me spending a week at the beach watching TV at the hotel or actually maybe going on the beach.

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You could try a Mystic tan; be sure to exfoliate your WHOLE BODY before using ANY sunless tanner or you'll have rough patches with uneven color absorption. I have used Mystic Tan (even on face) without any adverse effects.

I also use Sally Hansen airbrush sun. It sprays on nicely (I do that in the shower so the spray won't get all over everywhere!) and pretty evenly. You can also further rub it in with gloved hands to minimize streaking. THEN gently wash and dry your hands, rub your palms and back of your hands over your legs to get some of the tanner on them and rub in completely on the hands. This helps prevent streaks and lines on the hands. I reapplied the tanning spray in 2-4 hours and developed a lovely deep natural color in just a few hours. No adverse effects (for me).

Pay careful attention to exfoliating your knees and elbows and ankles. Those are generally among the driest and most absorptive spots for taking up color unevenly. I just exfoliated all of me with a baby's hair brush. It's tingling, nice and sort of invigorating. :)

While at the beach, please use an SPF 30 *at least* and reapply it every few hours throughout the day!

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tan makes acne 10 times less noticable.

picture a pale pale faced person with acne. (its really red and noticable) and wen picked its terrible

for tan ppl its either like clearish looking or purple. n i think the purple marks look better

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Yeah that makes sense. I was just verifying that the tanner wouldn't make the acne darker and just as noticeable, but leave me smelling weird and orange.

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