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Miss Bennet

ITCHY ACNE! Does anyone else suffer from it??

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The weirdest thing happens to me. When I go out is usually the only time I ever break out. I get normal zits occasionally and overall my skin isn't THAT bad but it REALLY bugs me. My skin is really sensitive so when I started on the regimen using Dan's products it over-dried me so now I'm only using it at night. For some reason when I get a new zit this weird thing happens. A little patch of my skin gets bright red around this little bump. The bump is usually barely visible and the patch of skin itches. It is really unattractive because without warning I'll get an itch and by the end of the day the red spot will be a little fluid filled bump that must be acne. I have no idea how to get rid of these or what to do to prevent them. Does anyone else suffer from my itchy dilemma????


~Miss Bennet

btw i have a big date tonight and i just got a new itchy spot

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Sounds like a fungal infection .... some sort of folliculitis or dermatitis. I get it as well.

Best treatments I've found so far are a cleanser called Born to be Mild, made by DermaDoctor, and a coal tar gel called Psoriasin that you can find in the Ointments section of most drugstores.

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ive had exactly the same!!

in the morning i look in the mirror and see nothing, than suddenly somewhere half past the day i get an itchy feeling, and when i look into the mirror again when i get home, there was some kind of red itchy spot on my face.

i had, and still have absolutely no idea what it is, and how it occurs, but i think its just an irritation, a result of overwashing the face.

using moisturizer seemed to make it a bit better, but eventually i had to stop BP, because my whole skin was itchy.

so make sure you use enough moisturizer, and when the itchyness doesnt go away, just stop BP, you've got to be very gentle with sensitive skin.

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