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Battling Acne with Extremely Sensitive Skin

I'm a 21 year old girl in college and am (unfortunately) extremely fair, so my skin is pretty sensitive. I've been battling acne since I began puberty, but I started washing my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Foaming Acne Cleanser a few years ago and it helped my complexion clear up a bit. Now most of my acne is concentrated to my forehead, with a few stray blemishes showing up on my cheeks. Recently I've been getting blemishes that are like hard bumps that don't form a head... If I leave them alone, the bumps eventually die down on their own, but leave a dark red mark that won't seem to fade.

I tried the acne.org regimen two years ago, but it was way too harsh on my face to continue. I came away from it looking like I had gone through a chemical peel and had to stop the process after a few days.

My currently daily regimen is basic in that I wash my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Foaming Acne Cleaner twice to three times daily: once in the morning, sometimes after I get home from work, and again before bed. I moisturize my face with RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream and Olay Complete facial moisturizer and use Estee Lauder non-acnegenic makeup.

I attached some pictures if it will help any of the wise advice-givers out there! If it matters, the only current medication I'm on is birth control, which I started a month ago (sorry if that's TMI!) and I take a multivitamin every day.

I was hoping to find out if there are any other sufferers of sensitive skin and acne out there who have found something that has been successful for them. I'm desperate!







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