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ive tried the pore strips and theyre such a waste of money..they get rid of the blackheads for a short time but a little while later theyre back again and sometimes worst..ive also used a cleanser of theirs a long time ago but i dont remember the name of it but i remember it burning my face pretty bad, im thinking of getting their moisturizer with spf 30 but im not sure yet cuz i dont want to waste my money on crappy products,

has anyone tried biore products? what do u suggest? im looking into a new cleanser for blackheads and under the skin bumps as awell as a new moisturizer preferable with SPF but a non-greasy formula


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I love the pore strips. They're expensive, but I wouldn't say they're a waste of money because when they work, they WORK. Unfortunately the pores just fill back up with gunk in a few days, but that's not the product's fault or deficiency.

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The strips don't do anything against deep blackheads .... they just take off some of the oxidized stuff at the surface, so your skin looks temporarily better.

You can get the same effect using a facial brush or a silica bead scrub, and it'll cost you a lot less money and be better for your skin in the long run.

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