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Is this dosage of Accutane effective?


Just started Accutane 2 days ago, at 10mg per day prescribed by my dermatologist. I am a 22 year old female, 5"7 and 138 pounds.

I took it at a higher dosage in high school for moderate/severe acne and it had plenty of side effects but seemed to work.

Now a few years later, it has returned, but less severe. (I'd say mild acne; blackheads on the nose and occasional papules on chin and cheeks) I have tried all else but all else has not been effective.

Will this dosage be effective at all? I know it is only day 2 but I have had no side effects whatsoever. I feel the same and look the same as before.

Help, advice anyone?

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hi, just to let u know i am on the same dosage as you (10mg / day)

so far i am in my 3rd month and 2nd week, and i'm still breaking out, though some improvement can be noted in oil control and less cysts (now i have 1 cysts compared to 3 in the past..)

its not a very big improvement though...

I'm on a low dosage since I want to play safe with the side effects, esp depression..

Good luck with your dosage and God bless u!

hope it works for both of us..

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I had excellent results at 10 mg/day for 60 days. Pores cleared out completely, sebum production slowed dramatically, no side effects aside from mildly dry lips.

It takes a little while to see results .... be patient. :)

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hey i'm on the same dose at you. it worked on me 3 years ago and 10mg/day cleared me up. but i'd say after the accutane finished, u have to keep your face clean and healthy..

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