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Hello everybody. I just joined but I actually have been poking around these forums for almost 5 years now! I registered just to tell everybody what I have found that clears my acne.


My lifestory:

I am 21 years old and I have been battling acne since I have been 13. I developed acne first in 7th grade (which sucked. how many 7th graders have acne?!?!) and after using over the counter products for awhile with not much luck, my family took me to a derm. It wasnt a big deal since my family has a history of acne and they already were going to the derm. My derm first prescribed me Differin. This worked for about a year or so. Then in 9th grade, it stopped working and he gave me a few things to try which didnt work, but I cannot remember their names...most were antibiotics and not well known lotions. Near the end of 10th grade, I started using Retin A which was horrible! My skin was red and flaky it looked like I had bad peeling sunburn and no matter how little I used it always looked that way. The smallest percentagewise of Retin A helped a little bit but not enough.

My last 2 years of highschool, I was constantly on these forums looking for ways to help myself because my acne was really affecting my self esteem and there were times where I didnt want to go out with my friends because of it! Also, any comments I got about my skin, usually from my critical mother or sometimes people at school, made me sooo depressed. When I first joined in 11th grade, I tried Dan's regimen. I honestly cant say if it worked or not because I didnt follow it to the T for longer than 2 weeks before I gave up. When I joined, his regimen was just BP, cleanser and regular moisturizer and with my blackheads and small clogged pores the BP didnt help. I also had problems with flakiness, which is why I quit. I then tried mixing over the counter products for the rest of highschool. I tried vitamins, Botchla's regimen, Jess's neosporin and facial brush method, and so many other things I cannot remember.

In college, I stopped going to the derm. (My family agreed to this- my brother outgrew his acne for the most part and my mother thought the guy was creepy! which he was...he referred to his practice as his "wife" slightly weird...)

I was mostly using BP and GA, and my skin did get better I would say I was about 75% clear. But I was constantly switched products every few months or so...but they were all BP and GA. I cant name everything I tried. I started using PanOxyl's 10% BP cream, which I still use now. At the end of my freshmen year, I bought another facial brush, different from the kind Jess used, for my face and that helped some. I eventually started using Panxoyl's BP soap bar as well for my face and my back and chest. This finally got rid of my mild bacne. I gave into the jojoba oil craze. I slowly read about the effects of Vitamin E for glowing skin and bought Vitamin E oil. I also should mention that since mid highschool I started picking my skin. I saw someone do it once and started doing it and I wish I hadnt. I dont have bad scarring from it but I can tell in the sunlight at certain angles sometimes. I have had certain periods where I picked my face a lot which I think made it much worse. However, I know picking didnt cause all my pimples because they were times when I stopped for awhile and still got some zits.

Anyway, for a little less than a year my regimen was... (only at night in shower)

1. Wash face with panoxyl bar (leave it on for a few mins before I wash off)

2. Exfoliate with facial brush (every other day)

3. (In shower) massage a little bit of jojoba oil on face

4. (Out of shower after 15 minutes) Apply Panoxyl 10% BP Cream (a thin line the length of my middle finger)

5. After 15 minutes, apply a mixture of 2-3 pumps worth of Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (8% Glycolic Acid) and one pump of Colonial Dame's Vitamin E Oil.

I continued trying several times to give up face picking and sometimes succeeded.

About 3 months ago, I revisisted some old pages about the Acne Cure which combines SA, GA and BP. I remembered using a SA face wash in highschool that worked quite well and I thought I should try one again instead of using a BP wash when I already had BP in my regimen anyway. I was hoping maybe the SA would be the other part of my acne cure equation.

So I went out and bought Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub. This has 2% SA in it. Clearasil Ultra has a regular face wash with 2% SA in it, but at the time I was studying abroad in a country that didnt restock stores alot...and the store had ran out of the face wash and only had the scrub left. They were the same price and I said "well I wont scrub my face with it...Ill just use it as a cleanser that sits on your skin" and bought it. (I later read that the reviews for the face wash were a bit lower than the scrub so I havent switched)

I also read that when your skin is damp right after the shower, it soaks up whatever you put on it more. This is why you should apply lotion to legs right after shaving in the shower. I decided to do this with my BP Cream to see if it made a difference and it def. has!

Its been 3 months and my skin, for the first time in 8 years, is completely clear! It took a few weeks to clear up completely and now when I get pimples, its only around my period, and theyre small and go away quickly. I no longer have to worry about pimples and some days I wonder if I am dreaming. I have been obsessed with my skin for so long and its weird in a way not having to worry about it. I wear very little cover up now, just enough to cover red marks and scars. I do not need foundation because my skin tone is perfectly even. I have nothing to pick at even if I wanted to. Not only is my skin clear, but it is healthy, glowing radiant. I attribute this to the Vitamin E Oil and Glycolic Acid. I wanted to take something out because using a SA wash, facial brush, JJ oil, BP cream, GA lotion and Vitamin E Oil seemed like too much. I got rid of the JJ oil (Vitamin E is def moisturizing enough on its own anyway) and now I only use the facial brush twice a week.


now my regimen is:

1. In the shower, use a dollop of Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub and let it sit on my skin for a few minutes before I wash it off. (This scrub has beads in it...however I do not exfoliate my face with this...the beads would not be good for that anyway)

2. (Twice a week) Use facial brush, gently, over whole face. I would say I spend about 5 seconds for each part of the face (forehead, each cheek, nose, chin)

3. Right after I turn the shower off, I lightly pat my face with a towel. My skin is still slightly damp at this point and I use a fingers length (skinny line) of Panxoyl 10% BP Cream and like Dan advises, lightly massage it into my skin until it gets slightly tacky.

4. I get out of the shower, change, do stuff to my hair. This takes a few minutes and by then my BP is completely absorbed. I then use 2-3 pumps of Glycolic Acid mixed with one pump of Colonial Dame's Vitamin E Oil and massage it in.

I have noticed using the BP right after I shower makes it absorb quicker with less streaks and also my GA/Vitamin E Mix absorbs quicker too so now its faster too!

I should also add I run and do karate a few times a week ( I have my black belt test in a week!! :0 ) and take fish oil pills. However, the fish oil never did anything for my acne. I take it for health reasons.

I also sometimes eat quite a bit of junk food and I have found this doesnt affect my face at all.

Alrighty, I think Im done talking.

Take care!

( does anyone know if Dan is single? Hes kinda cute...I think Im too young though )

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