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Retinol or Hyaluronic Acid?

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Hi everybody, im new here and I have a couple questions about Philosophy products that I have seen. The company has this product called "Booster Caps" that have...

retinol: a form of vitamin a that helps speed cell renewal and regeneration, which helps firm and tone the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and keeps it soft and supple

dermochlorella: an algae extract that helps strengthen and repair the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis while also helping to protect collagen and elastin

First, let me say that I am doing an Alpha/Beta Peel that I just got once a week, and i want to use these Booster caps after the peel, and every night also, before I use my Pore Effect from Dr Brandt, which is really helping me with my skin.

Has anybody heard of this product? And if so, have you had any results with it?

There is also, another Philosophy product that I am very interested in too, which is the same concept, but its called "when hope is not enough" this one has this description...

"replenishing hyaluronic acid/peptide capsules are single-dose, oil-free advanced skin treatments designed to nourish skin that is dehydrated or stressed due to climate changes, hormones or illness. hyaluronic acid instantly replenishes the moisture levels in the skin which helps it appear smoother and plumper, while a cutting edge blend of peptides helps stimulate natural collagen production to restore elasticity and improve skin tone"

Now, I have heard that hyaluronic acid is a good treatment for the help of scaring, but do you think its even worth it, since it probably isn't very strong? Or would the retinol "booster caps" be a better choice, to help with scaring from acne???

Thanks so much.....

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philosophy has some really good products in their line. I haven't tried either of the products you mentioned, but I do know a bit about their active ingredients retinol and hyaluronic acid. Personally I would choose retinol because it can help with uneven skin tone and healthy collagen production, as opposed to hyaluronic acid which usually deals with moisture/hydration of the skin.

also note that philosophy has a separate retinol product called - on a clear day. it has both retinol and hyaluronic acid and I believe is geared towards acne-prone skin with post-acne scarring.

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Awesome, thanks for you're help, I will check 'On a Clear Day' out, btw, if you have not tried the booster caps, go to a Sephora and they usually have all the testers, and you can take a couple of the booster caps and try them for yerself, they make your'e skin feel like silk, and I do not work for them I swear haha.

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