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Large Blocked Pores Everywhere...Please Help

Hi there,

I have had moderate to mild acne since I was 14 (20 years). My skin really changed around age 20 when my pores became really large and were always clogged and looked awful. I have the oiliest skin you can imagine. I can run my finger across my skin at any time point during the day and there will be literally a puddle of oil on my finger. I tried a range of products over the years including anti-biotics but nothing really made that much difference. I used Neo-Medrol (sulfur based cream) nightly for 15 years and while that kept the pimples in check reasonably, it did nothing for the blackheads, bumps and open pores. A year ago I decided to give Dan's regimen a go because I was sick of the way my skin looked and I was getting more outbreaks. I must say the regmen worked amazingly well in clearing up my pimples. However it gave me terrible wrinkles under my eyes and I looked about 10 years older. I thought this would go away, but it got worse, and to be honest the aging affect it had on my skin was worse than the acne I had so I decided to quit. Of course the acne came back. I went to a dermatologist about 4mths ago and he told me to use a retin-a at night (Stieva-A 0.025%) and finacea in the morning. BUt after 4 mths my skin is alot worse. I have tried so many different types of cleansers (neutrogena gentle cleanser, Dove Soap, Sapoderm, Blackhead scrub with Salyclic Acid) but I can't tell which is better or worse. To make matters worse I was scheduled to see the Dermo now, but he sadly has passed away so I have to start from scratch. I am just wondering what is the best thing to do for my kind of skin. If I squeeze anywhere on my skin (mostly forehead and cheeks) tiny little hard worms will come out of almost every pore. I still get my fair share of pimples, but it is the thousands of bumps and large pores that is my biggest problem. I just do not know what to do. I have never seen anybody else with skin like mine. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.

Here is a picture of my skin, but trust me it looks 1000 times worse than this.



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