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anybody do the regimen once a day

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I have to do it twice a day to keep my face clear. My acne was bad when I started though - geeze it's been almost 2 years now! Anyway, everytime I've gone down to one time a day, my face starts breaking out. I know a lot of people on the boards who've done great with once a day though.

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I'm down to two or three times a week. Any less than that and I get breakouts. It took from January until early May to get to that point though.

Don't really know how or why this is, I had to do it to the letter, twice a day when I started, and would break out if I missed a single day.

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I just switched to once a day (at night) so that I can use a lightening cream for my scars in the morning.

I hope I don't slip back into Zit-dom!


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at first i panicked cause I need to fo the regime 2 times a day to stay clear, but now I only do it at night because I go out and swim under the sun (with waterprook spf15 of course) and no problems so far (been almost a week)

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I did the reg twice a day for a week at first. Now, I just use it at night and use a 3.5%bp wash in the am. I have been doing the reg for 4 weeks now, but I still breakout. My forehead is clear and everything is SO much better, but I will have no zits for a few days and then I may get one or two a few days latter. This is better than 4-5 a day, but its not 100%. I am going to use this reg for up to 2 months and if I still have the same results I am going to use it twice a day. I will let you know how it goes.

PS: I use vingear twice a day too.

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