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Got clear - slightly incredulous


I just wanted to share my story in case it helps someone - especially in case it helps someone while they're still teenagers and they can avoid scarring etc.

I tried various things over the years:

* Clearasil-type washes

* Acnegel (basically BP -

* Roaccutane (stopped after a month because of mood swings - not sure if they were really related to Roaccutane)

* Tetracycline, twice (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetracycline)

* The acne.org regimen (for ~6 months)

Roaccutane seemed to have a pretty good effect, but after the mood swings I wasn't keen to go back on it. The acne.org regimen showed some improvement too, but despite my best efforts my clothes kept getting stained by the BP.

I then did nothing for a while, kind of gave up on it. Then a friend who has very clear skin was talking about diet one day, and mentioned that his "pimples" went away when he stopped eating dairy.

I had always thought the diet <-> acne link was a lie, because I had given up crisps / coke / sweets for a week or so in desperation as a teenager and saw no improvement.

But hey, I thought I'd give the milk thing a go. I replaced my morning cereal milk with soya milk (which is actually nice, if a little more expensive), started asking for "no cheese, no butter" in my sandwiches at lunchtime, and studied the menu more carefully at restaurants. [To be clear, I avoid milk, cheese and chocolate. Once I saw that eating them caused an acne outbreak, it wasn't that hard ;) Oh, and I take a 50mg zinc supplement, but that's all.]

After 1 week, I could see it was going to work. I hit 3 weeks yesterday, and my neck and face are completely clear - I honestly can't ever remember seeing that before.

My understanding of the link between dairy and acne is that hormones cause sebum production, and cow's milk contains an excessive amount of hormones. There's some detail here (http://www.acnemilk.com/the_no_milk_acne_diet), but be aware that there are some complete anti-dairy loons on the interwebs. They're so paranoid they almost scared me off trying the no-dairy diet.

As is always the case with acne, what worked for me may not work for you. However, I would really urge anyone keen to get clear to give this a go for even one or two weeks and see what happens.

Whatever approach you try or are trying, I wish you the best of luck.

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