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I need SOMEONE'S suggestion, please!!

Alright, I have mild to moderate acne that is very consistent. I was put on Minocycline about 3 weeks ago, and now I have an allergic reaction to it! GREAT! I am covered in itchy red hives. I even had to miss school 3 days in a row.

Now, I am using first Clean and Clear cleanser, then an astringent, then a dab of BP on a pimple, the mostiruize. But ever since I stop Mino(3 days ago), I feel like my skin is coming on to a horrible break out.

I just do not know what to do anymore, I just feel like giving up. But what I wanted to ask you guys is now what should I do? I have an Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment sitting in my room never used and a Trentin X 0.05% packet.

What do you guys reccomend I do? Exposed, Tretin X, or my orginal regimen?

Thank you guys.

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I can't give you advice on what you should do about "Exposed" or "Tretin X" since I never tried any of them, but in my experience, oral antibiotics like Mino don't do diddly squat, and when you come off them, a break-out is usually in the works.

I would drop the Clean N Clear altogether. The cleanser is medicated, is it not? Medicated cleansers, in my opionion, don't do anything, since you wash the medication off afterwards, and they tend to dry our your skin. As for the astringent, I'd guess that's also too harsh for your skin. The general accepted rule (i said "general") on this site is that 10% BP is also way too harsh. I would start treating your skin to some gentle TLC. Get a gentle, non-medicated, fragrance-free cleanser, and some 2.5% BP and go from there. Whatever you do, give your new regimen at LEAST a month to work!!! I know it's frustrating, but hang in there!!

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Paula's Choice. All the dermatologists prescribed me completely screwed up my skin. Paula's Choice really saved it, I saw results after the samples. You should check them out and at least get samples.

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