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What has been working for me so far

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Hi there, first post here. I'v been coming to this board for about 4 months now. This board has helped me out a lot. I have learned so much about me and my skin. Anyhoo, just wanted to share what has worked for me. As I'm sure there are a lot of you out there in search of a good regimen that actually works.

A little about me first, I'm 32, female. Married, no kids. I have been suffering with acne for the last 10 years. I get cystic acne. The only thing that has worked is Proactive. But not long term. It stops working after a while. So it's an off and on thing for me. I stopped using it last year in December and started using Murad. OMG. That made it worse! It dried out my skin and irritated it a lot. Caused a lot of purging. I stopped using it in January. And it just got worse from there. I have pics to prove it. I will post them later.

So moving on. From January through March, I tried several different regimens. Honey mask, rose water, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, etc. etc. etc. These only worked temporarily. I still broke out. I gave each regimen at least 4 weeks. If I didn't see an improvement after that, I switched to something new. What can I say, I was desperate. I'm 32, I shouldn't be breaking out anymore!!!

I even switched shampoos, lip balm, laundry detergents, makeup. I'm reading labels carefully now. I have done so much research on what can cause my breakouts. Changing pillow cases, towels, sleeping on my back, etc. Well, none of this really made a difference. I still broke out terribly.

So one day, while at the Natural foods store, I came across a book about getting clear skin. I bought it. At this point I was willing to try and buy anything that promised me clear skin.

I think this book was the answer. I'm not here to promote it. But I did try a whole new regimen this month from reading this book, and have seen a BIG improvement in my skin. I cannot believe it!!!

This is my regimen (the main thing is eating healthy, clearing the skin from the inside out. I know, I know. But here it goes:

I started taking supplements. I take a Skin, Hair, and Nails capsules each day at Breakfast and Lunch. I also take an Omega-3 (fish oil) capsule at Breakfast and Lunch. I take Vitamin E at bedtime.


I have a hard boiled egg each morning for breakfast (the brown eggs that are organic, they are full of omega 3) and natural oatmeal (not instant) with flaxseeds (also high in omega 3) topped with strawberries. I stopped drinking coffee!!!! I didn't think I could do it. But I did. I now drink Green Tea (high in anti-oxidants) twice a day.


Red Grapes


Lunch: Varies.

Dinner: Varies

The main thing is that I try to eat foods high in Omega 3 and foods with anti-oxidants. Those are considered to be anti-inflamatory, which prevents pimples from forming.

I tried this diet (from the book) and it has been working for me so far.

On my face:

I went back to Proactive. I use the 3 step system each night. But first I wash my face with Clean & Clear anti-bacterial cleanser, then follow up with Proactive cleanser. After completing the 3 step system, I put on Olay Regenerist Night. I think this has helped out tremendously!!! It has really helped lighten the red spots on my face left from acne and helps heal the new pimples. I THINK THIS IS THE MAIN FACTOR IN CLEARING MY SKIN.

In the morning, I DO NOT WASH my face. I just apply Olay sensative moisturizer with SPF.

When I get a chance, I will post my before and after pics. Too soon to call them after pics, but they are improvement pics I guess. I dunno, it's been about a month and a half and there is a lot of improvement. I hope this keeps improving.

I hope this helps someone out there.

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