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Hello everybody long time reader,first time poster.Im 20 years old and I suffer from Cystic acne,It was at its worst from the ages 18-19 easily,and slows down and comes back up.Ive tried proactive,and if you've had success with that high five worst stuff ever invented.Any hoot back on topic,Ive done antibotics they worked great for the 3 months I was prescribed.Then it came back.I would get on accutane but I cant afford insurance at this point and I'm not payin $1000 a month for anything,let alone a pill.The left cheek gets it the worst,the right side of my face looks amazing,completely clear,but the left side just hates me,I also get the zits on my upper chin close to my lips ,but not directly on them,and they hurt the worst,I couldnt even chew food.

Then one day I decided to go to the beach with some friends,it was a really freakin hot ass day and I needed to cool off.So I go in the water and swim around for about a good hour.I get out of the Gulf of Mexico and i go home.I wake up the next morning to piss and brush my teeth and see what God left for me on my face for the day.To my surprise it was clearer and less red.I was astonished.After spending about 60 dollars in gas for a straight week to go swimming at the beach.This old woman who was there everyday I was there finally approached me.She asked me why I came to swim every all day for the last week.I said the saltwater is helping my acne.She said I use Dried Salt from the water mixed with lavender and rose extracts for my rosacea.She gave me a jar of her concoction.I just wash my face with my normal dove soap and water.And apply the salt mixed with a little bottled water on my face.And in about 2 weeks i had noticed a great improvement.I was still getting the pimples,But they're werent as many.Right now I have 1 cyst,1 white head on my jaw line,and a little red bump 3 inches away from the cyst.

My point is if your broke as hell.And you feel like you have no hope.Try dried saltwater,It wont damage your skin(i have ultra sensitive skin,i cant use BP period it makes the marks look worse) It won't clog your pores because it's not actually going "in" them,and its easy to clean up without picking at your face.Also for the girls out there who need the cover-up.It also adds a natural cover up of sorts when you wipe it away.Just letting people know what has been working for lately.I have to find a good insurance program for me,once I do that believe me,accutane will be used

Have a good one


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