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Dear Dan and Acne.org community,

This is an open letter of heartfelt thanks. I’m sure you see these so often that they become boring, but I wanted to share this anyway.

I am a woman in my early twenties; I have had acne at all times since I hit puberty. It was never very severe in that I had no cysts or anything of that kind, but it was like a bumpy red carpet over my entire face. I have been dumping money into anti-acne products since I started high school, but it was difficult to find products that did not irritate my extremely sensitive, eczema-ridden skin, and even when I did, they just made the acne a little sparser. I thought that was all they could ever do.

A couple years ago, I began having real confidence issues about my appearance, fueled in large part by the persistence of my acne long after everyone else in the world (or so it seemed) had cleared up. I started wearing makeup, which I had never done. This made the acne worse, but I decided it was worth the annoyance for the cover-up. In the meantime, I continued my long search for an anti-acne product that wouldn’t destroy my face. A couple months ago, I stumbled across this site and thought I might as well give the Regimen a try—at worst, it would be ineffective and burn my face, just like practically everything else I had tried.

I didn’t follow the rules exactly, but I did use a cleanser, Dan’s BP, and a moisturizer twice a day, every day. I also started using jojoba oil at night. I noticed slow but steady improvement right away, and after a solid month of zero acne, I am officially awed and eternally grateful to this site, may it live forever. My acne scars are even fading. More incredibly still, my eczema is completely under control, and it has been a fact of life for as long as I can remember. I credit the jojoba oil for this; it is truly amazing. I stopped wearing makeup a month ago, and I look better now without it than I ever did with it. In short, I have the best skin I have had in my entire life, and most importantly, I feel confident and I feel beautiful. Thank you so very much.


A very satisfied customer

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Wonderful story, thanks so much for posting!

I'm so happy to hear the Regimen and the jojoba oil have helped your skin so much. :)

Would you happen to have any before/after pictures that we could use in our gallery?

Also, be sure to put in a rating for the products if you have some time.

Thanks and congratulations on your good success!

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