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I want to get facials but deathly afraid of what they'd think?...

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I learned about a month ago how Korean celebrities keep their faces so blemish-free: facials.

This is pretty much every single week, one to three times a week, and their face is CLEAN. I saw pictures and TV shows where they wash their face completely of any make up for some thing and I was surprised at how clean their face was. I don't even think they even know what a zit is. The biggest problem for them was their slightly enlarged pores or dark circles. (Psh!)

So there's a few facial places I know of, but deathly afraid to go.

But I always have the idea that they'll be all smiles when I give them money to fix my face, but then start making remarks about how gross my face is after I leave. Especially Korean people (no offense--I'm Korean too!). Koreans are notoriously famous among ourselves to be two-faced like that (even though I don't want to admit. Not all of them of course--but the majority)

Am I just being too paranoid?

Sigh. For now I'm just using egg masks now and then to get rid of black heads and whatnot. It works wonders at getting rid of black heads, but the problem lies now on my hugely enlarged pores and bumpy skin. :[

I really want clear skin...

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It's going to be a rough life if you continue to worry about those types of things. People are always going to do a little judging at first sight.
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Guest Chrisâ„¢

If you want to go get facials, then go get facials. Why worry about what they say or think about you? You're still getting the service that you pay for. You're not going there to impress people that you don't even know, you're going there to pay for their services. It's not like you even know them anyway, do you? So why does it matter? Go in, get your facial(s), go out, and don't think anymore about it. Chances are, they won't talk about you when you leave anyway, they do that for a living and they probably see all kinds of bad skin all the time.

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Number one: You'll never know what they say about you anyway, they see other people too.

Number two: most celebrities have naturally good skin, that helps them get in the business.

three: who cares what they think?

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