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Acne in the Marine Corps

err!! this is bad. I had to stop using dan's regimen because I will be going to marine boot camp soon. My skin looks like I'm starting to get a tan & is peeling and feels uncomfortable again... For anyone on here who is in the marines, how do you deal with your acne? will they actually help treat your acne when you get to the fleet? Since they provide Medical & Dental. I know that in bootcamp you can't use any acne medications and the DI's won't give a shit if your face is clear or not. My acne has the likely hood of becoming severe if I don't stick with dan's regimen which has been the only thing that's worked for me so far. I've had acne since I was 14 & I'm 22 now so I doubt it'll go away anytime soon. I've been on Accutane once when I was 16, but the acne came back. I know in bootcamp acne will be something I won't be worrying about, but I know it'll only get worse because of all the stress, lack of sleep, & especially during the crucible. Anyone in the military can help me with these questions? I'm starting to miss the way my skin was looking while on the regimen =( now I'm starting to look alot more older & dirtier which makes me feel disgusting...

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Hey how you doin future devil dog :) my names marshall i served in the marines already did my 4 though im 23 now and still get occasional embarrassing acne, but in boot camp im pretty sure you have nothing to worry about i guarantee right now your diet is nothing what it will be like in bootcamp, you dont drink enough water etc in boot camp your diet still sucks!!! but you drink an ass load of water and most people do not get acne due to healthy exercise and a lot of water. as for them taking care of your acne highly unlikely im sure you can sneak the occasional cleanser in boot camp without the DI's giving you hell but like i said you probably wont need it. when you graduate if your acne gets very bad you can go to medical you may have to go there more than once to convince them to give you meds but they should do it. only problem is the meds are not up to you so you will be stuck with whatever they think is best.

so like i said dont worry bout looking good in boot camp you wont even be thinking about that, in the fleet you will have as much time as you do now to prepare or even more. Civilian employment is much worse IMO. but what i do now when i go to the field i make sure to cut chow time down etc to wash my face even if its cold ass water its worth it. so save some of your cantine water :)

Good luck in boot camp

Semper Fi

CPL Gordon

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Thanks for the encouragement, it really helped. do you know what's a good MOS to choose? Right now I'm open contract & I don't leave to boot until Nov. 2nd. I was thinking of going into aircraft mechanic or electronics but I might do infantry.

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Bro Im leaving in 2 months, I signed up open contract but got an infantry position luckily. Didnt join the Corps to push paper around or change tires. 0300, OOORAAAH KILL!

As far as acne ive weened myself off BP and all that...im actually doing it all natural an its been working well...It consists of 3 items, jojoba oil, cheap all natural organic aloe vera bar soap, dickinson witch hazel.

What I do is shower up, then splash my face and put jojoba oil on it, rub it in nice. Then I lather the soap and wash my face, it gets all the grime and jojoba oil off but leaves it smooth and soft still. Then i get out of the shower and splash witch hazel on my face. Thats it. Been working better then most things ive tried over the years.

When I hit boot Im not worried about acne as ive seen guys graduate an come out with moderate acne. Ive also seen guys go in with alot and come out clear skin...crazy shit. Anyway work hard train hard get your physical fitness in order and dont worry about your skin. You might be able to get some honey from the chow hall and use that to cleanse your face.

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