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No acne, but im still getting scars

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I have no acne, never really have, i do smoke and have some wrinkles(smokers skin) Planing on having a chemical peel done now that i've quit(down to one smoke a day). Im 24 and have two box car scars on my left cheek and an ice pick on my right check, but if i look close i have new tiny ice picks scars all over my check. Could it be that i had bad chicken pox when i was a kid and there begining to show ? Maybe i have sensitive skin and my cleanser is causing damage ? My skin seems to be soft, but irratated at time, kinda red(can't wait for a chemical peel) I hope the peel doesn't cause more scars(maybe there under the skin) Im new to this and these problems and there really buging me.

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Im pretty sure, the box cars are big, pores couldn't get that big, the ice pick is 1/2cm long and the width is around 1mm. Now i have a bunch of smal ice picks starting, and i know there gonna get bigger. Why ? I have no acne???????

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That doesn't really make much sense to me. I would recommend asking your dermatologist about it. Scars can't appear out of nowhere without trauma to the skin. You would have to have a scab or injury in order for scar tissue to appear.

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Tell me about it.....I don't have one pimples on my face, and they're coming out of nowhere ? I'm using Clearasil Stayclear for sensitive skin, i apply it after i shower, then i use Nivea for men moisturizer.......Maybe my skin is rejecting them, my face kinda burns(feels warm and sensitive) here and there, and it's kinda red......I dunno what to do? But still why would i have scaring ? Maybe Microdermibration will help ? I called today and they said it will cost 400 for 4 sessions.

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Your products seem ok. Maybe pics would help. I'm really not sure what it could be. I don't think that you should get a chemical peel or microderm until your skin has calmed down.

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