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MAC and Clinique Products

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Im very prone to acne and have alot of scarring from past breakouts and alot of redness in my cheeks. I have very dry flakey sensitive skin

I've given up hope on my dermatologist shes given me every pill and cream out there besides accutane which she wont give me

Anyway im 22 and have been wearing makeup since i was 10 when i first started getting acne real bad.

Ive been using BareMinerals and its okay but I dont get very much coverage and i Try building it up and its not working for me anymore

Ive been using M.A.C.s prep and prime with mineralize satin finish NW20 (red undertones) with studio fix concealer. Ive applied with sponges my fingers and different size brushes and it actually makes dry skin more noticable like i didnt know my skin was flakey in that spot until I put this makeup over it.

Any one else using these products or recommend a different mac makeup for full coverage and how you apply

I also am waiting for Cliniques acne system face wash and moisturizer in the mail since I havent tried that before. What do you think of it,

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My girlfriend uses the Clinique Acne stuff and it works well for her I think. She has very light acne though so that might be the difference. Wouldn't know anything about the make up stuff though since I'm a guy. Haha. Biggest thing with my face I've found (and Dan stresses this in the regimen as well) is to be very gentle when touching your face. That helps a ton.

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I use the Clinique acne soap, have done for years and I love it. Im of the dry flakey sensitive skin type too. Its mild, doesnt irritate and my face really feels clean after using it. While it wont be the product that rids you of acne, its keeps the skin at bay and certainly does no harm.

As for MAC, their foundations never did my skin any good, my acne was at its worst when I used their foundations. I use Clinique Superfit now. But different strokes for different folks, some peeps love MAC and wont bother their skin at all.

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