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Creative title, I know. This will be where I write about how my acne is progressing. I doubt anyone will read this, it's more of personal notes for myself. But incase anyone does actually wish to read this I'll post anyway. And this log will be much less interesting than other logs probably.

Anyway, today I woke up and checked my face. Forehead doesn't look too bad, but it's redder than usual and you can see the scars there more clearly. My mustache got a couple new small pimples, and the big one near my lip kinda hurts. The giant one inside my nose still isn't healing :(. It sucks because blowing your nose is a pain in the butt, and blowing my nose just irritates the pimple more and makes it take longer to heal. Chin is looking better than usual. It's still full is red marks, but the only active pimple, a pustule that recently appeared, lost it's white tip rather quickly. It must've fallen off while I was sleeping. Outer right cheek is still clear other than those damn red marks that refuse to go away. My outer left cheek is sadly getting worse, I got a new pimple there. Now I've got 3 active pimples there, and just a few days ago I had no active pimples and little red marks. Inner cheeks haven't gotten any new pimples lately, which is quite nice because they used to be the main place where I got them. However, the many red marks there look worse than usual today. Hopefully they'll go away eventually, I really don't want scars. My body acne is looking a lot better today though.

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Just 12 hours later everything has gone to hell. Seriously. Forehead is getting new pimples, and getting ever redder. Hell it's not just my forehead but my face as a whole is very red now and I hate it. I got a lovely breakout on my left temple, it was clear just the other day and now 4 noticeable pimples are there. The big pimple near my lip is even bigger now, it's awful. My chin got a large blob of like 3 pimples and the blob is like the size of a dime. Plus, there are a couple new ones as well. Outer left cheek got another new pimple, so much for being clear there. Outer right cheek is getting many new little pimples. The red marks on my inner cheeks are turning dark red, even worse than this morning, what a disaster. They'll never go away as this rate, ugh. The only good thing that's coming out of this is the large pimple inside my nose is finally healing. I REALLY hope I look better tomorrow, if I look even worse than this when I wake up I'm going to go insane. Yeah, I hate to start this log off so depressing and stuff, but I doubt anyone is reading this anyway.

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Dear lord...my face is a total wreck right now. I'll list how each individual part of my body looks so everything looks more organized.

Forehead - Looking a little better fortunately.

Temples - Left one has 2 huge pimples and a couple smaller ones now, and the right one's scars are looking worse and worse.

Outer left cheek - 5 large pimples here now, yet just a few days ago I hate no pimples there. FML

Outer right cheek - Well the little pimples that appeared the other day are gone, yay. Too bad the red marks there look absolutely hideous now because of stupid extra virgin olive oil. I thought this stuff was supposed to work, ugh...

Inner cheeks - A huge amount of hideous looking red marks now from the olive oil

Nose - Clearing up here, yay

Mustache - Giant whitehead completely filled with puss, yuck! Plus a good 3-4 new ones showed up here, red as ever.

Chin - Looks about the same

Upper arms - No new pimples since :)

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