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What happens to the androgens when they're blocked? Do they just build up in your body?

I'm afraid to take androgen blockers because I feel like all of the blocked androgens will be released if I stop and make everything 10x worse. It might be in my head but I feel like this exact thing happened when I stopped drinking Spearmint Tea.

Please answer anyone? :confused:

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Im not positive, but I think it means that you arent making the androgens at all...its not like theyre being made and stored.

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Your body will go on producing androgens. Androgen blockers only block them, they won't stop their production (although some such as Spiro can inhibit it's production, but you'll never stop producing them completely. That's biologically impossible).

But - your body won't store them up for later either. The androgens your body produces will circulate around your body, but when it comes to your sebaceous glands, they won't be able to 'hook' onto them. It's as if the androgen is a car and has entered a carpark but there are no spaces left - the androgen blockers have taken up the space where the androgens would normally stimulate the production of oil.

As for building up unused - this is not possible. They will pass through your liver. Your levels of hormones are a fluctuating thing because once they are produced, they are inevitable eliminated.

I imagine the reason you experienced problems when you stopped using Peppermint was because there was suddenly 'room' for androgens to stimulate your sebaceous glands. No anti-androgen, no keeping androgenic acne at bay. Unfortunately that's the way it is.

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Thanks so much for answering!

But if you have a poor liver isn't it true that it won't be able to release the toxins?

I thought that happened with the spearmint tea just because my face became SO much more oily than it was BEFORE I started drinking it. But I don't know, maybe it's the changing season or something..

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