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crazy products / regimens

im constantly seeing alot of people with like a billion stuff they use for their face like

some green tea cleanser

then a random moisturizer

then an exfoliant

then accutane pills

then some apple cider

then some other medication pills

like whats goin on yall, when your on accutane you dont know how sensitive your skin is and lathering alot of products is not good, thats whats GOING to cause those deep scars and just bad skin when our on accutane the only thing you SHOULD be going with is

CETAPHIL CLEANSERS & MOISTURIZERS. it helps your skin but it doesnt DAMAGE the skin unlike others and it was found that if you use anti-acne stuff like neutrogena, clean & clear WHILST on accutane it just messes up the accutane treatment

be safe and use cetaphil its like the number 1 company recommended by dermatologists.. .i wonder why?

i just want everyone to not make a big mistake in their skin

acne takes time to go away just like how long it took for acne to get to your skin in the first place

unless your dermatologist prescribed something EXCLUSIVELY for you.

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Maybe its because cetaphil is supposed to be gentle. I find it too gentle! It leaves a white film on my face and then I get red bumps all over my face.

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I use lots of products during my accutane course, and my skins fine.

Just sitting back and letting the drug work I think is silly, if you can stop the acne from the inside and also help things along on the outside, then go for it.

I use retin-a during my course, and its fine

spot treat with benzoyl peroxide if I need to

I don't exfoliate anymore.

But on the other hand, I have changed to a gentle cleanser - not cetaphil, I don't do cheap skincare!! And a richer moisturiser.

Really its only you who knows what your skin feels like - if you feel it can take some extra products, then go for it. If your getting red and irritated, then stop - simple :)

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