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ace guy

Cuts / sores in the corners of the mouth

Anyone experienced this?

I've had this cut in the corner of my mouth for well over a week now....just as I think its crusting over and healing, it gets sore and opens up again grrr its horrible, making my lips all red and swollen too - I am sure its cheilitis and it's not nice to deal with along with dryness.


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Thanks a lot for the links - I'm really struggling with this...making me totally miserable. :(

If u think it is chellitis u need to call ur derm. At least let him know and see what they suggest also. It directly states in the Roche online document that chelitis is usually dose related, it also states that in most clinical trials that the effects were reversed when tx was discountinued, however some presisted after cessation of therapy.

http://www.rocheusa.com/products/accutane/pi.pdf page 26...

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Yep, I actually have one right now on the left of my lips. But my acne is slowly fading so Im happy =)

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Hi, i've been on accutane for 3months now, 80mg/day and i'm around 105lbs. i have the annoying cracks in the corners of my mouth too; this may sound silly but i didn't have anthing else to put on it at the time and my sister had a&d ointment (my sister uses it for my nephew) so i used that and after a few days they went away. if you read the tube of a&d it says you can use it for dry, cracked skin, so it's not just for baby butts.

What i found out makes the little cuts come back is if you don't moisturize the corners of your mouth every night then they usually come back---and i think this is because we drool at night, yes we all drool, so it gets wet; but if you put like aquaphor or ointment on the corners of your mouth at night it helps.

I 've since tried bacitracin, aquaphor, vaseline, neosporin, cocoa butter but for the cornerrs of my mouth i've found the best is the A&D.

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