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harlo znaz

sea salt and magnesium sulphide for acne

Hi people im just writting to share my current success with my chin acne ive had for about 5 years now, im 29 :doubt: and its been driving me insane, affecting just about every aspect of my life, anyways enough with the sobs, i recently turned to the sea salt and epsome salt treatment which is actually working and very quickly! (i saw some ford model going on about how she uses a flannel soaked in sea salt when she cant get to the beach, anyways i researched and thought i had nothing to loose so.... my current routine is: a good pinch of pure sea salt(no iodine) and a good pinch of epsome salts in a small bowl, pour over a little boiling water and dissolve, then i soak in half a cotton makeup pad and apply it only to the prone areas (my chin and middle forehead)and leave on for a least 1/2 hour morning and night. i dont rinse off( its pritty dilute anyways) then i rub in tea tree and apply trilogy vit a&e moistruriser then

mineral makeup (i use sheer cover powder and maybelene mineral power conceler neither make me break out. so all my exsisting acne is cleared up, my blocked pores are quickly coming out and my dark scars are fading, not sure what my cycle will bring yet but judging by my results within this first week if i do get any they wont amount to much, i think there is always a period of minor breaking out when you begin with this because the salt draws out all the impurities in the pores but still magnesium promotes suppleness and healing. overall my damaged skin is smooth and healthy feeling and i dont wake up in the morning with sore new bumps brewing, my diets pritty good, try to minimise sugar and eat lots of veg, i take probiotics and vit A am and a womans multivitmin late morning, i strongly recomend anyone trying this salt routine its cheep and natural. just get a nice natural moisturiser to go on after id reccomend avoiding one with yucky chems in it, skin loves vits A&E and a nice natural tea tree oil over the entire prone area feels good. good luck to all who try>

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