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Not Another ACNE Patient

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So ok, i just turned 23 last march 23 and i've been experiencing pimples on the side of my face since september last year. it irritates me a lot coz i dn't usually get pimples this much. it's my first time to experience this. is this normal? coz my mom said you only get to have pimples when your young, teenager i presume.

but anyway, it's here already, and all i've got to do is to get rid of it. i googled before for a benzoyle product and it gets me here to this site. i love this site coz i don't really have any idea that a lot of people experience this problem.

i want to start with Dan's regimen. i just bought my products: one 2.5% PanoOxyl Acne Gel 5g and PanOxyl Soap Free Cleanser. And i have a stock of Masters Face moisturizer for mistakenly buying it for a facial cleanser. i have not use that since then. anyway, as i type this message, i applied my very first start for the regimen. i start off by washing with PanOxyl Soap Free Cleanser and after 5 minutes of drying it, I applied the PanOxyl Acnegel.

i have few questions to begin with:

it's night here and i was wondering if i need to use a moisturizer on my skin since after 10-15 min now, i'm going to sleep. i'm planning to apply this every night after going to work @ 8-9m so that i won't be bothered in the morning to apply this and i wonder if it will turn red after i wake up later in the morning. hmm... maybe i just need to wait until later. i want to start also with one application of acnegel (at night) and two soap free cleanser (after going to work and before going to sleep before applying the acne gel). is this ok?

i really thank this site for everything. it's free! for godsake. and it's really detailed and easy to learn the instructions. thanks a lot. i've been experiencing a lot of shame and makes me want to stay at home for this stupid pimples. (datings stopped and i can't even ask the name of the girl that i like because i'm afraid she'll hate me for my pimps. grrrr)

i hope the regimen works. but i have a good feeling that it will. thank you! i'm mark btw.

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Hi there and welcome to acne.org. I'm going to move this to the regimen section of the board so your questions will get more traffic and hopefully get answered. :) Best of luck to you.

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