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Began Treatment today and very worried/scared!!

Well, I'm a 21y female who started nursing school this last fall. Whether it was the added stress, change of environment, or my parents having "some kind of nodules when they were my age" that they failed to every tell I or any of my sisters about until my face started to balloon up, i slowly watched my skin go from smooth and clear, to hard, red, inflamed and loosing feeling!

First it just started as those hard little pimples everyone gets, and you couldn't see them. I had them for a month or so, and i just figured it would clear it up in its own time. i've never been one really big into the use of meds and drugs, and kinda believe in letting my bother take its natural course. well I think i waited too long, because i remember shortly after returning for my second semester, i was developing this cyst on the inside of my right cheek. i saw 3 dermatologists before i decided on one, and still nobody seemed to understand how painful it was. I went for about a month and a half with this fluid filled cyst on my face, that you could see full when i smiled, so imagine how depressing that was. but it was odd because this cyst and inflammation was concentrated in just one area of my right cheek. well that was true for a couple months until about a couple weeks ago, my chin started to hurt. now i have little bumps of acne along my chin and is slowly developing along my chin line and to my left side of my face.

I took my first dose of accutane today, but because I have been on prednisone an keflex for an extended period of time, my dr only began me on 40mg once a day and she said I will probably be on treatment for longer than 5 months. It just sucks I had to wait so long to get on the accutane, and now i'm not sure if I'm more eager to see its results or hesitant for its side-effects.

I'm wanting to know how bad this expected dry skin, flushing, cracked lips is and when it starts to begin. Has anyone had any luck with certain products in managing these symptoms? Any advice with the summer coming up? Please share your stories and experiences, its nice to finally talk to someone who has or is experiencing this.

I'm so tired of dealing with this, it all began back in november, and since january has gotten really bad!! But i've finally just learned to deal with it, and accept that my face is something people may turn away at, but as it gets worse, it seems my family is having more difficulty accepting this is happening to me than I am. And I feel horrible to be this petty about my face, when of all people, I as a nursing student know and see worse things every day!

~bella nurse

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