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How would your life be different if you didn't have acne?

I was thinking about this earlier and i wondered what would be different in everbodys lives.

I think for me;

I'd be a happier person most of the time

I'd not worry so much about what everyone thought

I'd have more courage to meet new people

and I'd stop making excuses and cancelling.

How about you?

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I would feel like I was on a more 'equal' level with some of my friends and I would finally feel like a grown up *le sigh*

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I'd be a miserable person most of the time

I wouldn't worry about what everyone thinks

I would not meet new people

I would still make excuses and cancel

25% change. Not even worth it.

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I'd go out more, would find it easier to talk to and meet new people, I'd have more confidence in myself and my opinions, I would have achieved more socially and academically, I wouldn't want to end my life whenever I saw myself in a mirror or photograph. Generally, I would be lot happier and more mentally stable. I know my problems wouldn't be solved, but my appearance is the most affecting issue for me and this is even taking into account some other deep-rooted personal obstacles and other difficult circumstances.

No, my skin shouldn't dictate my life. Unfortunately, though, despite my best efforts it does and my scarring is so widespread that I don't think I can ever be comfortable with myself until something is done about it.

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ive had too many account login issues and i was gonna make a post like this last week.

let me give you a quick insight into how 'wonderful' life is without acne.

ok so i was on accutane in 2006 and i was pretty clear for most of 2007.

In 2006 while i was on Accutane and was experiencing tons of side effects and breakouts i met a girl and we hit it off.she liked me for me and we had a quick 1 month fling and things ended.

Now while i was clear i did go out more and acted wayyy more confident around ppl and i almost wanted to show off my face but i still never really noticed any difference in my life or i never stopped and said 'i have no ACNE...my life is gonna become so amazing and change - ohh i might get all the girls i want now'.lol no its not a fairytale. then in 2008 my acne returned around July but in november i met an amazing gal from Canada..... this was magical. even though i was having some breakouts etc ( i even remember the day i met her i had 2 monters on my cheeks) i played it cool and was myself.i fell in love and had the whole summer romance thingy going on.ok well she left and sadly i have to deal with exactly this : PAIN.

my point is that basically you cannot just think life is gonna be sooo different if your acne all dissapeared in one go.your friends might comment on your skin and tell you that it looks great but seriously all the potential ppl you think you might have had a chance with are not gonna be like 'OH my word - Jack has no pimples anymore - im soooo gonna mack him!' . Acne does cause direct issues with confidence,lifestyle,emotions and social behaviour but for goodness sake it is NOT the be all and end all like some ppl here make it seem.i know i sound harsh but trust me i currently have a breakout but im not gonna lock myself away from the world.i currently have the hots for one of my neighbours friends and shes on her IB with accutane.yeah the skin does look a lil bad but her confidence KILLS the fact she has acne.i can look way past it.

i dont know : all i can draw from the last 3 years of being clear then not clear then clear etc etc etc is that LIFE HAPPENS....acne does not STOP your life from happening. if someone close to you died tomorrow and you think about all the times you never went out with them cuz ur skin looked bad??? and even they dont care about.acne has taught me a brilliant lesson in life i wont lie.it can make a part of you but it will never fully make you.....its really depressing when i come on here and read how some ppl are practically hermits .and if the acne is getting you so down to a point of true depro then sort it out and get serious about....

ag sorry for the rant.....

P.S - on the accutane boxes they should have something like this

Warning : life still happens after and during accutane.you still cry the same,eat the same ,and youl die the same, just acne free :P

Peace matt

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-I'd feel more comfortable looking at people while in natural light

-I'd be able to be myself again... my personality has been held hostage for many years because of my acne

-I would enjoy going out more and meeting new people

-I'd be a better partner to my boyfriend

The list could really go on and on. Thankfully I'm seeing results in only a few days with the regimen that I just created! I'm hoping to feel like myself again soon. However, it might end up being a major let down!

We'll see!

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Since I have had acne, in one form or another, for quite a few years, I'm not sure how my life would be different if I had never had it. I do know that acne has made me realize the beauty within people, with or without acne. It has also let me meet and become friends with some people from the site and not for crystal clear skin would I ever take that back.

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