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Scarring *READ*

Hey everyone,

I remember about 4 years ago when i was here nearly every day looking for a cure or some assistance. And i will never, ever forget the emotional trauma acne brought me. Thankfully now, I'm completely fine and better, and for a couple years I forgot about my time spent at this forum. I also remember telling myself that I wouldn't be like the 99% of other people who didn't come back and give an update.

So after my course on accutane, I was perfectly clear...well not perfectly clear, still got a few pimples here and there, and i still do get a pimple from time to time. But it was a thousand times better than before. But then, the horror of acne soon turned to the horror of scarring; something that I was convinced I would have to deal with forever. I was grief-stricken over it, and spent hours and hours debating what the best option would be, but i couldnt find anything with more than satisfactory results.

3 years passed and I am here today with very minimal scarring that a normal person would not see. And im telling you, my scarring before was pretty bad all over cheeks.

What i am trying to say is, I am definitely living proof that scars will fade over time. Maybe not completely, but significantly in my case. I know a lot of you have been dealing with the problem far longer and would disagree with me. All i am trying to do is give hope to all of you that have been ingrained to the false fact that once scars are there, they are permanent. Don't believe it.

I know this won't be true for everyone, but over and above all, i just wanted to say that I love all of you that have had/currently dealing with acne and scarring.

There is always hope.

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Thanks for the post my i hope my life story with acne turns out like yours. I took accutane aswell. I to was devastated with acne and just as devastated with the scars that i still currently have. all though i have found myself accepting my scars more each day they still bother me. But i have hope that in the future they will fade more and more even if it takes 3 years. we always want results fast but i believe that patience is our best bet with scars

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That's Roche's only pitch..."Scarring and emotional trauma" Pure propaganda from a service representative. Look at how the thread is titled. And then he/she offers no specific hope. Thats low.

Reedbomber talk to me a little bit. Send me a message. Reply to me on the thread.

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I think it's legit. They aren't saying that tane got rid of their scarring.

Some people's scarring does fade. Mine have, but not all of them, and they are still there. When a scar is fresh it looks deepest. It changes over the years.

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