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Finally, my skin looks beautiful

Hey everyone, thought I would share what has finally worked for my sensitive, acne-prone, oily skin and all my pih.

I have tried all sorts of things over the last 5-6 years since developing acne. I have always had it worst in the "beard" area. I am not overly hairy, and the hair on my face is mostly lighter than my skin and not noticeable. I had lots of doctors and skin care professionals tell me it must be hormonal. I tried testing for allergies and going on restrictive, natural cleansing diets. I tried all sorts if natural supplements and topicals. I tried Isolaz treatments and facials. I tried the acne lamp (red & blue mixed -I think it is better when just one light is used at a time). I tried rx topicals, fancy expensive ones and drugstore varieties. I tried all sorts of AHA and BHA products, lactic acid and azealaic for the marks left on my skin. I probably over did it with my experiments.

I finally went on low dose doxycyclin, and am slowly going off of it now. I don't know how much it helped, I have been on it for about 5-6 months and didn't really see much change until a few weeks after starting my current routine. I don't think the doxy hurt though.

I finally found a really great esthetician who specializes in darker skins and difficult skin. I have light-olive skin with highly active melanin; so I tan easily and I discolor with the slightest wound/breakout.

She uses PCA skin professional products for peels and facials, and I have been getting them every 2-3 weeks (peels or mini-facials). I also started using PCA skin products: oily cleanser, clearskin, true tone, après peel, etc (look up their website, their products are great).

I also (on her recommendation) started monthly electrolysis because my esthetician noticed that many of my breakouts were ingrown hairs! It turns out hormones post-babies was part of the problem, but not in the way most thought. The hormones had changed the texture and thickness of my hairs and they were too course for my skin! The electrolysis has been a major help. I don't get any cysts anymore and almost no breakout of any kind. See if you can find a recommended Electrologist if you go that route. I looked into laser hair removal, but it isn't good for darker skin (especially if the hair is light).

Sorry to write such a monster post, but I wanted to share what is working for me. Maybe it will help you. Oh, I also use the ANSR light about 4x week and for spot treatments (haven't needed spot treatment in a while).

You can see my product list in my signature.

Best luck to all!

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