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Clindoxyl gel while on Accutane?

Hi there. I'm still getting massive cysts and I read in the main IB forum post that sometimes people whilst on Accutane can look to topical or oral antibiotics to aid them in calming their IBs.

I've been slathering on the Clindoxyl gel (BP 5%) on for about five years without any irritation. I stopped on my first day of Accutane and now I am now 78 days into my 60mg Clarus Accutane course and still IBing like crazy. Last night I decided I'd throw back to Clindoxyl gel and put a very -thin- layer over my face. It dried out my skin a lot and this morning my face is quite 'tight', but I put a bit of Cetaphil moisturizer on it and I feel fine.

My question is this: is it 'safe' to use BP/Clindoxyl gel on my face while my epidermal layer is so thin? The general consensus seems to be that 'if it doesn't irritate you, no worries.' Am I correct? Or should I steer clear of absolutely any medicated topical and merely stick to cleansing and moisturizing? Because that course of action has not been good to me as far as a cyst-ridden, painful and inflamed 77 day initial breakout D:.

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I would ask your doc. Even the topical form of clindamycin can cause antibiotic associated colitis. You don't want an increased risk of colitis due to clindamycin and Accutane simultaneously.

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