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self tanner and acne gels

so i have a dance coming up and i would like a nice glow without going fake baking so i got jergens gradual tan lotion, however i also have prescription gels from the doctor for my acne, the jergens stuff says it wouldnt clog your pore so i feel it is safe to use, but do u think you can use the self tanner and then like 5 hours late apply the acne med... or do u think the acne will get rid of the self tanner and make my skin blotchy?

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Yeah it's fine, especially if it doesn't clog pores.

I've used that stuff, it's just a tinted moisturizer, which is completely fine.

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I'm actually a guy who once bought the Jergens Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer w/ SPF. To anyone interested, it's non-comedogenic and on a price basis, is considerably cheaper than competing SPF moisturizers w/o a self-tanner.

It's not tinted, it does change skin tone. Gradually. It's mostly fool-proof. I'd only use it in the summer when I'm normally tan anyway.

Problem with it is it smells kinda funky.

I would not use it with a benzoyl peroxide, just because benzoyl peroxide (obviously) has bleaching properties.

With retinol...hmm...it'd probably be best to apply the product on your face when you aren't using the retinol cream, just to make sure it sinks in properly.

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