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So I am stressed out majorly over my skin but now something else has happened.

I have a boyfriend, I lived in VIC, he lived in QLD I got to know him through family & decided to move in with him 3 years ago. I always thought I'd be with him forever...he's my first love, basically only kiss etcetc. I love him but I don't feel as though he puts in enough effort in me(he's really interested in the sex side of things though) he doesn't care when I'm upset, he doesn't talk to me much, never takes me out. We Just "live" together & get along well.

So I started work again - and I met this guy at work, we started out as friends, hanging out with his mates (I'm really good friends with his mates) and we have a great time together. Basically I started to grow feelings for this co-worker & I found out he likes me too. We had a few intimate moments (just a brush/hold of the hand, or a look - nothing that you could clase as cheating?) but I feel guilty about it. When I'm alone with him, I melt, I get into the moment and forget I have a Boyfriend.

I haven't liked many ppl in my life & this has never happened within the 3 yrs I have been with my BF the feeling I have is "real" =\

I want to try it with my co-worker but I can't - I live with my BF and his family...which knows my family & this is my home away from home. If I do anything I'll be sent back to VIC which defeats the whole purpose of liking the co-worker anyway.

I'm so confused, I can't be close to my boyfriend without thinking of my co-worker. I'm more attracted to my c-worker over my BF. Just so you can understand the situation better the co-worker is a very shy boy/never had a girlfriend in his life. So I know he's not a jerk and is serious about it. We are both over 23 though.

It's really affecting our work, we work really close to each other & it's getting us both down.

I'd never cheat on my BF, but it's like living a life I'm not happy in - but I'm stuck in.

My feelings for this other guy are getting stronger everytime I see him, I tried ignoring him more at work - but it really hurt him.

The co-worker & me discussed our feelings & we both have to resist our feelings, we say"let's just be friends" but we both want more.

any advice would be great, thankyou

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Judge me however, but I'd break up with this inconsiderate boyfriend and date with that co-worker.

If he doesnt care for your feelings, he obviously doesn't care about you. Maybe something else?

You're not married to him. Ontop of that you said that there's nothing much happening between the two of you anyways? Maybe he's getting tired or not feeling the same way when you two first met. And you didn't mention anything about being engaged.

You're young. You're in your twenties. :) I say go with your heart on this one over brains. (cliche I know but seriously--!)

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Just so ur bf cant slag u out.....end the relationship ASAP, otherwise ur just going to be more and more unhappy as each day goes by......Once u have done this, work out living arrangements etc, sort that out and THEN, send some time with this co- worker.... Dont rush into things, GO SLOW, because he if really likes you then he will respect this decision to go slow and get to know you on a day to day basis too.... U have the rest of ur life to settle down in a relationship, have some funw ith this co worker and spend asome quality time getting to know each other b4 settling down as boyfriend and girlfriend!

Best of luck!

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