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anyone ever FEEL their acne?

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Just curious. For a few months now, I get crawling sensations where I am breaking out, mostly near my hairline on the left side of my face. It's really weird! Does this happen to anyone else? I guess the acne is forming or whatever. I just hope it stops sometime!


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A few months ago, before I modified my diet, I used to have VERY severe acne. I could always feel it. It felt like worms were digging inside my cheeks... eww!!! I could never have a break from it!!!

Also, I could feel my pimples from inside my mouth with my tongue. They were like big lumps in my skin...

I'm ok now though, I almost don't have any acne anymore (maybe like 1 pimple a week), it's really annoying me that there are so many good things I can't eat though.

But at least my face is 100X better and I don't feel them anymore.

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I sometimes can but its more of a light throbbing feeling. Like when im going to sleep, I sometimes feel a very minor sort of "pulsing" on the side of my face or cheek or where-ever. Its nothing that bad really but I do notice it from time to time. For me, its a pretty good indication that something is forming in that spot or the skin is in battle.

Of course, there are times when I get this sort of feeling and notice nothing really emerges in that area. Dont ask me I guess. biggrin.gif

But yeah, if I ever do get a monster pimple somewhere, I will feel it throbbing at times.

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