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Has anyone had any experience with steroid injections for raised scars?

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Hi, I'm new here, and tbh, I haven't seen anyone post pictures of their scars that look at all like mine. I don't have a terribly scarred face(there is some scarring, but I don't really mind that at all), but my neck(all around it) has some extensive scars, as well as my back is absolutely riddled with scars. I went to see my physician today, and the possibilities she described were steroid injections on the raised scars, collagen injections on the depressed scars, and possible laser treatments for the really small stuff.

Now, the reason I'm only asking about the steroid injections(I assume cortisone) for the raised scars, is that this is the kind of stuff that is all over my neck, and it seems to be ruining my life. I always try to cover up my neck with a collared shirt, or a sweat shirt, or jacket, and I am sick of it.

Also, nearly everyone here seems to mostly be looking for scar removal for their face, while I'm mostly looking for it for my neck. The treament that I have seen people talk about(though my physician didn't mention it) was dermarolling. From my understanding it is taking this small utensil that has a lot of tiny spikes on it, and rolling in along your skin to cause small injuries to prompt the areas with the scar tissue the restore itself(I'm guess here.) Now, is it possible to use this for raised scars, and even more, on places other than your face, like the neck, for me?

Thank you :surprised:

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I would not use dermarolling on your hypertrophic scarring. I know from experience. And steroid injections have improved mine before. Sometimes it takes multiple injections to see full results. Best of luck.

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im in the same situation. i am looking to find a local derm who will provide cortisone/steroid injections. my scarring is on my jawline. best of luck, let me know if you find any information

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hi ya, i'm new to this site, i have had a horrible history of nodular cystic rosacea, i have been on accutane three times, first time on 60mg, the second time i was on 30mg for 10 months and the last time i was on 30 for 8 months. The first time i went on it, it was amazing, as in my skin only had several cysts but they all completely cleared and i thought hey... problem solved.......I think NOT!

It came to winter and i experienced severe facial blushing and lumps and bumps would form on my cheeks, no puss in them, just red watery papules, that really burned the hell out of me. After second treatment on 30mg, i was back to normal once again and continued to be for like a whole year. Then last august i got a breakout of three cysts on my forehead, they persisted for weeks without me going here them, the pain got so bad that i squeezed the shit out of them and obviously nothing surfaced, after a week of bruising i poked at them with a sterile needle tip and a good bit of puss was released and i felt the relief so i didn't care about the redness at the time. I only scars i ever experienced were red makrs that would fade over a coulpe of weeks at the most but these three have healed into raised red scars. There i one that really bothers me, it's enormous to me but to otheres t's not. It's red and raised in a perfect circular scar, I reckon its a hypertrophic scar as it hasn't spread outside the orriginal lesion which would be the case if it were a keloid scar.



Thanks a million :angel:

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