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One time, when I was just staring at my skin, I started thinking, acne is kind of cool, its colourful and each one is unique and neat. Don't worry, a few seconds after the thought went through my mind I started laughing.

But thinking about it, I wonder why society puts such a harsh view on acne. I remember when I was young, I used to see all these acne commercials, and the movies or shows where people freak out about getting a zit on prom night, and I think that society has turned acne from maybe an undesirable trait as far as evolution/natural selection into a full-blown turn-off and deterrent.

I go through the whole day, not just aware of my acne, but feeling it. I feel it pulse, and sting, and every now and then I yawn and feel a little wet indication that either i'm pussing or bleeding. Fun. Don't even get started about accidently brushing my hand against my acne and feeling pain.

So I, and we, deal with the pain of acne, added to a socialogic noose. I'm glad I'm not alone, I don't fret about it, and I don't think it inhibits me horribly in life, but it sure doesn't help.

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habsfan, you're definitely not alone. :) It does stink that we (our society in general) strive for perfection. Perfect skin. Perfect teeth. Perfect hair. Perfect bodies. Perfect job. Perfect house. And the list goes on and on. It amazes me how egotistical we are when we're so flawed. Perhaps this is part of the reason we, as acne sufferers, are pretty much shunned, teased, or considered a lesser member of society because the acne "flaw" is something that can't be hidden.

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Personally, I think the biggest PR mistake with acne is that so many seem to think that acne is the result of being unclean-- and no one wants to be unclean, or viewed that way. Were it not for that I think acne wouldn't be the scarlet letter it is today. I don't think it'd ever be viewed as desirable, but perhaps less repelling than in is now.

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I agree somewhat. In fact, I do not believe that acne has turned from an undesirable trait to a flaw. It does not inhibit the passing on of genes and the furthuring of the species, that is for sure.

Acne has been around for quite some time and is simply one component of what the current society deems 'not beautiful'. I am honestly surprised these days at the preoccupation with body image. Moreso, with the fact that people are shocked in our preoccupation. I suppose they forget that since the greatest civilizations, appearance has been one of the many social markers. The Greeks wanted symmetry, believing this was the Golden Ratio and as close to perfection as humans could get.

I could go on and on about beauty image, but at some point you can decide if you are going to take beauty standards into consideration, but that is all...or if you are going to be dictated to and molded in the form you feel you are 'supposed' to be.

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People are always going to judge us, not only because we have acne, but of many other things. I do hate it though, that alot of emphasis is placed on what we look like,especially when it has to do with our face, like in relationships. Life is unfair!

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