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doxycycline not workinggg?

it's been a month. 2 days under a month, since i have 2 capsules left (and @*[email protected] walmart hasn't filled my prescription). and i haven't seen any results...i mean my skins getting better with my regimen and alll, but it's not helping my back and chest acne (which is AWFUL) and i really can't say i've seen a difference that wasn't because of other products in my face.

will it just not work for me...?

how long til i give up?

what antibiotics do you recommend?

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I've only ever used two antibiotics, Bactrim (which is a Sulfur based medicine), and Doxycycline. I have been taking it twice a day for over a year now. It sometimes takes up to 3 months or so for different products to begin to work. Mine hasn't cured my acne, but along with topicals, it is under control.

I would say give it another month, and then call your derm and set up an appointment, especially if you are not satisfied. Also, I cannot stress this enough, but being on antibiotics long term can both help and harm. If you decide to go off doxy, please go off of it GRADUALLY. If not, you may risk having a large breakout if you simply stop cold turkey.

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